Terms and Conditions

A current vaccination certificate must be shown prior to acceptance. If vaccination is not done, please do speak to us immediately.

Please do understand that when a cat is stressed, it’s immune system is weakened and it will be prone to catching a flu or other viruses more easily. Thus we would advised all pet owners to vaccinate their pets before boarding.

Please ensure that your cats receive regular flea treatment. To apply frontline (flea and ticks control).

We do accept un-neutered male cats but they will have to stay in the cabin at all times.

To guarantee your spot with us we recommend payment in full at the time of reservation. Once we are booked, if your reservation has not been paid, we CAN NOT guarantee Boarding Services.

No credit or refund of payment is available if the pet parent cancels the reservation less than 72 hours of notice.

Deposit is not refundable.

Other terms and regulations are stated on the agreement form which will be sent to you for your reference. Please ensure the form is signed and submitted back to us prior to checking in if you are opting transportation service by us. If you are bringing the cat to the hotel by yourself, you may sign the agreement form at our premise upon checking in.