Neko Inn offer Ryokans (traditional Japanese Inn) so that your cats may experience the traditional Japanese lifestyle and hospitality. Ryokans are found throughout Japan, especially near an Onsen (hot spring). Our Ryokans are decorated simply to keep up with the traditions of the Ryokans of Japan. 

Neko Inn Ryokans are furnished with either an Onsen bed or a Shikibuton bed.

Shikibuton are simple mattresses (futon) which is laid out on top of tatami as part of minimalist living that goes back centuries. In Japan, people visit the hot springs surrounded by nature for therapeutic purposes in a practice known as Toji. The Onsen beds are there for your cats so that they may fully immerse themselves in the Toji experience while the Shikibuton beds ensure that your cats get the best comfort during their stay in the Ryokan. 

Maximum Number of Cats: 2


  • Live Camera
  • 24/7 Air Conditioning
  • 24/7 Calming Cat Music


  • Filtered Water
  • Happy Cat: High-quality cat food


  • Tofu Clumping Cat Litter


  • Onsen Donut Bed


  • Play Time at the Magical Playroom


Prices start at: RM 50 per night


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