Reptile Care for Beginners: Simple Tips

Just like any other family pet, when adding new members to your home, getting information beforehand will improve your chances of success! Reptiles and amphibians are unique, interesting animals that family and friends will enjoy learning about. Take the time to carefully research which pet type will best suit you or your family.

Perform some initial research

Before you set out on your plan to be a reptile owner, it is wise to do some research first. Different type of reptiles have different types of needs. If your pets haven’t spent much time in the car or in a crate, get some practice in before the big move.

The ASCPA suggests easing pets into the habit by placing their food inside an open crate and having them eventually take meals inside a closed crate. Giving them treats and playing with them after crate time can help build positive feelings about the crate. Most reptiles need fresh food. Depending on the type of reptile you have, some require mealworms and mice while others need a diet that consists of mostly fresh fruits and vegetables.

Have the right kind of housing

Reptiles need a lot of space. So, make sure you have an enclosure that provides enough room for movement. It also needs to be escape-proof for both the safety of your pet and your family.

Reptiles are living creatures, and therefore deserve the same respect as any other creature. If you are not comfortable caring for a larger reptile, start with a smaller one. Was our guide useful for you? Write us in comments below!

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